ARCHIVED:A Good Friday walk: Hill of Berran, Dog Hillock, Hill of Glansie & Mount Sned loop in Glen Lethnot (02/04/21)

Brief Description:

A challenging walk for me while trying to build up my back, this being the longest walk with the greatest ascent yet!





Car Parking:

Large Car park at the end of Glen Lethnot. It was though getting used for logging.

Start Point:

Car park at the end of Glen Lethnot. Walk over the bridge at Waterhead and follow the track past housing and further along past an old wall. Take the turn to the right heading uphill - note that there is a new track that carries on up the Glen and is not marked on the map.


I must have done this route before as I remembered the car parking area and the bridge!

Route Details:

I must have done this route before as I remembered the car parking area and the bridge!

Iain’s PC – Keeps waken up from sleep / shutdown

09/02/21, connected to PC via TV. Downloaded Event logs to my C:\temp.

Done a ‘powercfg -lastwake’ to find out why it woke last time, but there where no details…
C:\Windows\system32>powercfg -lastwake
Wake History Count – 1
Wake History [0]
Wake Source Count – 0

No obvious faults in event logs at 1st look, so disabled USB wake timers (apps etc that can waken pc), and disabled the Mouse’s USB device Power Management Tab’s ‘Allow this device to wake the computer’.

Have left keyboards as-is!

Sidlaws walk again – 23rd June 2019

The first walk in a while due to more important things to do at weekends and back pain in-between times. Weather was cloudy at first but really warm.

Iain was offered to come along but he had been working until early morning, so it was just me and Jas.

1st hill was Auchterhouse Hill where we met three mountain bikers. On leaving we met a woman walking her brown Cocker Spaniel. She had only had him 4.5 months and this was his 1st hill. Onward to Balluderon Hill where there three young lads accompanied by a man and woman who were given them instruction. Can only thin that they were doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. My left foot started playing up on the way to the top of this hill just decided to give Craigowl hill a miss.

I took the long path East down and my foot was OK, so would have been OK to do Craigowl!

Finding Grid References for Maps

To find the OS National Grid Ref use wheresthepath, and either  use control key with mouse wheel to find your point of interest or click the Binoculars Icon to Enter a Place name, then click the finger pointing hand to give the NGR.

Another way is to use freemaptools but this system is not to accurate as uses the WGS84 co-ordinate system, whereas we should be using  OSGB36 co-ordinate system.

MagicMap is another good mapping tool with many different mapping options and overlays.