Back Pain Update April 2019

Been having some unbearable pains, since start of year getting gradually worse.

I had tried doing approx 40 cat-cows morning at night and deep low back stretches by touching the gground with near enough straight legs, or by hanging my upper body weight over at the waist. That seemed to give some relief but then it got much worse.

My SI Joint belt had bee lost for some time and I found an old back support belt with heat retention for back and front. This support is good at supporting, but gives too much heat somethimes, and heat at the front groing area where is is definitely not required. Anyhow I percivered and tucked my front shirt between belt & skin. I also started taking Turmeric capsules (I’d tried them previously with no success) and Ginger tablets. Alongside this I cut-out Dairy from my diet.

That was over 3 weeks back and my back has impoved a lot, so much so that walking Jasper is now pleasureable and it is much easier getting through a day. I did have a long weekend past, taking the Monday/Tuesday off so that also helped. I am writing this on the Friday, so three days back at work and I am much happier, and pain much more bearable.


Things I am doing that may be helping with pain relief…
Wearing heat belt
Taking Ginger tablets
Taking Tumeric capsules