Findon Den from Gamrie Lodge Coach House

Below is a description of a short walk that I done most mornings with Jasper, while staying at the Coach House.

Leaving the Lodge, turn right and then a left at the Gamrie Parish Churchyard.

Gamrie Parish Churchyard

Just after the church, take the pebbled path (funded by the European Union) to the left and continue until the end of the road.

the path before crossing

The path opposite.

Cross the road as the path continues on the other side for a few hundred metres, whereby you can cross the B9031 to a car park on the other side.

The car park at the Den.

From the car park, go through the gate and follow the stony path down the slope and back up again back to another gate at the the B9031.
From here though, you now have a short 400-500m walk along the road (B9031) to meet the path again, so be careful.

Follow the path back to the start.

I recorded the route one day using OS maps on my mobile. The route is showing on the OS map image below….

Findon Den walk from Gamrie Lodge

Cullykhan Bay – a short and wet walk

The weather wasn’t looking great for our 1st full day, so we decided to stay close to the cottage.

Just a few miles along the coast was Cullykhan Bay and the map showed that it had a small but sandy beach – perfect for Jas, so off we went.

Cullykhan Bay

There is a small car park down a track off the B9031, then a short walk from there down to the beach. We wore our jackets as it was windy and cold and the sky was grey. Jas shot down to the thrashing was and loved it.

The rain was starting and we had a quick look at a cave that went through to the other side of the cliffs, but got caught in a real downpour – should have wore full waterproofs!

Cave showing other side

Gamrie Lodge – The Coach House

On easing of the Lockdown restrictions we booked a weeks holiday for the end of August at Gamrie Lodge – The Coach House Cottage in Aberdeenshire, an area we have never explored. The Lodge itself is a mile south off Gardenstown, a small village on the North East coast, just 9.4 miles East of Banff.

Note that Gardenstown is known locally as Gamrie, and Gamrie is pronounced ‘gay-m-ray’, not ‘gamm-ray’ as those South of Aberdeen may say!

Entrance to Gamrie Lodge
The Coach House