Airlie monument – 1st walk this year – 01/07/20

Due to my troublesome sprained ankle taking the best part of 5 months to heal, and then Corona Virus Lockdown, this is my 1st walk of the year.
Met a forestry chap at the gate to the forestry and had a nice chat, before cracking on.
Although not a hard walk, I was surprised at my fitness and never struggled at all.
Th boy was quite well behaved, but he was on the lead with 2 bungee extensions, with the lead attached to my rucksack buckle.
A young couple in training shoes got ahead of me just at the forest exit as I had stopped for a coffee, but I over-took them at the hill-top.

The rain threatened twice but never came to anything.

All-in-all, a very got walk to get me started again!!!

Airlie monument in wind and rain – 18/08/19

Earlier in the week I had fancied going around the walk again, but come the weekend and not a great forecast I was put off.
It was Gails prompting that coaxed me into making the effort to go.
More showers rather than rain, but heavy enough that I had to wear waterproofs, and once on I just left them on.
Wet & windy but nevertheless I still enjoyed the walk and was glad I made the effort.

Painful walk up Airlie Monument – 25/08/19

Had been up here last week in wind and rain and thought it a good idea to keep the fitness up, but half way into the walk, just leaving the main track from the forestry, heading towards the monument I went over my right ankle. Jas’ lead had been tied to my rucksack belt and I guess I couldn’t really see what was ahead for seeing a Collies’ backside & tail! I wasn’t using sticks either.

I lay on the heather for a bit before hobbling along to the monument then on to the car.
I met a nice old couple of keen walkers from Montrose on the path down to the car park.

Airlie Monument 07/07/19

1st time up the monument in a while, and probably first walk this year! As usual, parked at car park, walked up road to gate, than through forestry to a new track that leads to the hilltop. Took a branch right at the bend in the track along a path of sorts.
Lots of forestry has been removed through the forest and on the open hillsides, but at least this time the dead wood has been removed.

Sidlaws walk – me & Jas and Iain – Sunday 16/12/2018

Another outing to the Sidlaws. Saturdays weather was horrendous with mostly very heavy rain and wind in Forfar, but snow elsewhere. The intended walk was to be the Airlie Monument, but saw so much snow behind Forfar when I was leaving to collect Iain that I thought it wise to avoid any snowy roads.
On arrival, the Balkello car park was like sheet ice – the sun was out and probabljy causing the glaze over the snow.

Iain thinking about the climb ahead… or a modelling career maybe!

Iain modelling off my Trilby before the climb

Once we hit the hills, the snow that was lying in the paths/tracks was mostly turning slushy, although some places were harder snow and slippy, and made for very difficult walking.

Iain on Balluderon Hill modelling off my Trilby

We only done Auchterhouse Hill & Balluderon Hill then back to the car but all in the snowy walk I feel was more physically challenging than doing all 3 tops in good weather.

Some selfies (since Iain likes them so much)…


And finally some noce photos during the walk…

Sidlaws walk – me & Jas and Iain – Saturday 20/10/2018

Iain back from Glasgow and staying with mum. He asked if I still go hill-walking – not near as much as I would like to I’d replied!  We arranged an afternoon walk up the Sidlaws, starting at Auchterhouse Hill, walking over Balkello to Craigowl.

A funny day weatherwise, starting grey then getting dark with the sun starting to poke though the clouds as we were heading back to car. It was windy all through the walk.  It Stayed dry though, whihc was the main thing.

After dropping off Craigowl heading to car park, we had to cross a field of cows. Jas was a bit wary, an there was a young calf in the field with a mother looking a bit nervous with us peeps  barging through their home, so we took a wide berth.

Some pics of the day taking on Iains iPhone….












Long Goat and Cat Law once again, on a blazing hot day in May

Date of Ascent: 27/05/18

Parking: North from Muir of Pearsie. Parking on grass verge (space for 2 cars).

Car parking Landranger Grid Ref at: NO 3545 6189 | 258m

Cat Law Landranger Grid Ref: NO 3191 6106 | 668m (671m?)

Grid Ref: (Bing Maps)  NO 42719 64351, (Street Map) NO423654

Time Taken: 3 hrs 10mins

Only my 2nd hill walk in after a long break and struggled so much, I felt like turning back on reaching Long Goat. After a seat and a Muller Rice felt a bit better and thought I should make the attempt to get to Cat Law. Glad I did as seemed to get a 2nd-wind.  Continued to the summit of Cat law and not a soul to be seen.

Returned by route of ascent, and as always the walk from Long Goat to the gate exiting the field felt like a very long way.


Total distance: 9066 m
Max elevation: 668 m
Min elevation: 252 m
Total climbing: 496 m
Total descent: -496 m
Total time: 03:19:58

1st time up St Arnold’s Seat

After around 8 months since my last hill walk, I thought since I had the May day off work that I should take advantage of the day off, the good weather and Gail been off to London.

Me an Jas headed of on what was to be a cloudy  day at 12 degrees C and actually turned out to be a sunny 19 deg.

Parked just after Horniehaugh Steading near an old cottage. Took 2nd track that was marked on OS 50K map (couldn’t find start of the 1st) and ended up in a field with the ruin at opposite corner, but had a high deer fence blocking access.  Following the fence to the RHS leads to a gate to bypass the ruin.  An obvious path skirted the trees and  I hugged the trees to the RHS which led to another gate that opened to the Northerly land rover track NNW from Midtown.


Approx duration: 3.5 hours

Height: 467m

Grid Ref: (Bing Maps)  NO 42719 64351, (Street Map) NO423654

Track , Naked Tam
View from the slightly higher ‘Naked Tam’

Cairn, St. Arnold's Seat 
The humungus cairn on St Arnold’s Seat.