Maspie Den then on to East Lomond Hill – 18/11/18

Date of Ascent: 18/11/18

Parking: Centre For Stewardship car park

Car parking Landranger Grid Ref at: (NO 247 074) KY15 7AF

Car parking Landranger Grid Ref: NO 2472 0747

Car parking OpenStreetMap: 56.25375, -3.21654




Grid Ref: (Bing Maps): NO 24409 06203



Time Taken: 2 hrs 30 mins


1st time to what is a hidden gem at Falkland village. Accompanied by Iain & Jasper (the Border Collie), we parked at the Centre For Stewardship car park.

A very busy car park and a very busy route. We passed a lot of walkers, and stopped numerous times for Iain to a posing photograph, and were overtaking many times.

1st stop was the the dark tunnel,

dark tunnel


then a little further on by a bridge, a nice little waterfall with a long fallen tree lying across it.

Iain posing at fallen tree
Jas taking a big drink

The highlight of the Maspie Den walk is the 2nd  waterfall – Yad Waterfall, that has a path behind and underneath it and very impressive – I would think partly natural, partly man made!

Iain posing under the Yad waterfall

A short climb up hill after this 2nd waterfall the path split, the right split taking most of the crowd back to the car park and the left split heading to the car park between East & West Lomond hills. We took the left split head into the car park. Just before the car park we came out onto the road then decided to take a toilet break at the car park anyhow.

Then on to East Lomond – a nice gradual incline until the base of East Lomond is reached, then it gets a bit more challenging. Room at Marker Point on top of the hill for Iain to get some more photo shots!

From the top, it is a steep descent all the way back to the village. The initial descent is really steep and Iain enjoyed seeing the not-so-clever mountain biker fall-off his bike numerous times!

We arrived back at the car park and Iain wanted to take a look at what looked like an old ruined building a short walk from the car park. We found in fact, not a ruin but a Mausoleum and quite impressive.

A short drive from the car park and we finished off at the Lomond Inn in Falkland for a bar lunch (3.30!). Iain wasn’t to happy as the Steak Pie he fancied from the menu outside wasn’t on as they never got their daily delivery or some reason. He chose the roast beef instead and wasn’t impressed with what looked like roast beef taking from a Tesco packed and covered in gravy.

He was impressed though with the Mars Attack cake that he got a short drive later from Kingsway Farm in Dundee. I was robbed though as the gorgeous looking (dummy) cheesecake had sold out!

All-in-all, a very goo day out though for myself , Iain and Jasper.