Knachly & Hill of Spott loop from Prosen Village.

I have wanted to do this hill for quite a while since its name it is part of my surname ‘Spottiswoode’.
I had a bad start parking at the car park next to the church. It’s not very big and two other cars arrived, and had a feeling that some numpty would blob me in and I ended up moving the car to a stony verge that I had passed 100 yards from the village. Also, I got myself flustered as I could not find my windproof in the bag, put my boots on, forgetting to put on my walking socks, the socks I’d found were pulling on my little toe, so boots were on/off twice. With o windproof and it was cold, I put on the red 200gms fleece I came with.
Eventually, bag was on and car was locked so off I went. Just after car park the sign-posted path to Ministers Rd took me past a little house that led to a gate. Bag off to make sure tis was right route!
Once through gate, I was on my way. Oh, maybe not – I wasn’t lone started along the path when I felt the red fleece was too warm. Bag off, and removed the fleece! Off I went, but not far as I wondered if I’d left my black beanie lying – I’d swapped it for the sun cap as the sun was quite bright and it was getting warm. Of with the bag and I had a look for the beanie – no sign off it! I decided to back-track and look for the beanie.
I got to the spot where I had stopped and there was no beanie, so I was back in the bag looking for it once again – this time I found the beanie AND the missing windproof – it was in the hidden side pocket.

Now I was happy and ready to hit the trail (in fact I was in minds of turning back and heading home!).

I had just over 2.5km to walk along the Ministers Path. It it led me to a gate and an amazing view of Loch Brandy and Loch Wharral corries. Just through the gate I turn right to following the fence, then about 10m at 90 degrees to the fence I managed to pick up on the path that led to Knackly.