Long Goat, Cat Law and Crandard loop (Monday 22/03/21)

Route time approx: 4 hours.
Distance: 11.3km
Total ascent: 498m

Having walked Long Goat and Cat Law many times over the years then back to the car by the same route, I have never felt up to tackling the slightly longer circular walk that takes in the Crandard, then dropping to the glen and following a track that end on the main road opposite the ‘Muir of Pearsie’. I was up to the challenge this time though.
From Cat Law there is no direct path that allows you to pick up the track that runs South of Cat Law leading to the Crandard and is is necessary to take a direct bearing and walk through the grass/heather.
The drop from the Crandard is quite relentless, but once back to the glen it is easy going all the way back to the car.

I noted some times along the way….

  • Started at 9.10.
  • At the top of Cat Law for 10.45.
  • Left Cat Law at 11.10.
  • Left Crandard at 11.38.
  • Back at car for 13.02.
Download file for GPS