Visit to Evelyn’s to help with WiFi.

Router was not ltting phone connect/get an IP.  Disconnected the phoen from router and reconnected given the router password again. OK Now. Power cycled phone and still .

She also had a problem with logging on to OneDrive on her Kindle (Fire ??). I reset teh Onedrive password and would still not conenct, saying that the device was not connedt to WiFi /Network. AFter googling seems to be common problem on Kindle and Microsoft were to fix.  Shall leave 2-3 weeks then google again and maybe go up to Evelyns to have another go.

Also, a problem with Facebook on her Windows phone – was insatlled and opened up ,but has not updated since June this year.  App had no wasy to log here off, in fact no settings at all. May have to take a tablet and try to reset her Facebook pwrod online – note that this will cause a connection problem on her Kindle too.