Long Goat and Cat Law once again, on a blazing hot day in May

Date of Ascent: 27/05/18

Parking: North from Muir of Pearsie. Parking on grass verge (space for 2 cars).

Car parking Landranger Grid Ref at: NO 3545 6189 | 258m

Cat Law Landranger Grid Ref: NO 3191 6106 | 668m (671m?)

Grid Ref: (Bing Maps)  NO 42719 64351, (Street Map) NO423654

Time Taken: 3 hrs 10mins

Only my 2nd hill walk in after a long break and struggled so much, I felt like turning back on reaching Long Goat. After a seat and a Muller Rice felt a bit better and thought I should make the attempt to get to Cat Law. Glad I did as seemed to get a 2nd-wind.  Continued to the summit of Cat law and not a soul to be seen.

Returned by route of ascent, and as always the walk from Long Goat to the gate exiting the field felt like a very long way.


[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/CatLaw_TrackLog_FromNorthOfPearsie_Kens.gpx”]

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