Long Goat & Cat Law, from 400m north of Muir of Pearsie Lodge (Sat 05/06/21).

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OS Map No (Landranger 1:50,000)

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Car Parking

400m north of Muir of Pearsie Lodge on East side of road there is a gate to a filed that has in the past been logged. The area around that gate which has space for 2-3 cars (without blocking it) looks like it has been a turning point for logging lorries, etc.

Start Point

400m north of Muir of Pearsie Lodge.

Walk Description

A gorgeous summer day. Had been walking in my long sleeve zipped top all the way to the top of Cat Law and put my Keela wind jacket on at top. I removed the sleeves before starting walking again and felt comfy all the way down.

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Ascent Profile

Long Goat and Cat Law, started from 400m North of Muir of Pearsie


Some very large bird of prey. May have been an eagle but it was low down for such a bird. It did though gain height very quickly and stayed up there.

Notes on Back Pain

Both LHS & RHS pains had been nagging recently, the LHS nagging even at the start of the walk, BUT after 30-45 mins the pains disappeared. My left foot pain that I had been left with since last walk, started nagging so thought it best to do Long Goat first as if I got worse I could exit to the car by the East ridge. I slackened the left boot a lot, and the pain eased then never bothered me again. My left big toe pain started during the last 15 mins and was really painful!.